Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Enthroned - Pentagrammaton (2010)

1.In Missi Solemnibvs
2.The Vitalized Shell
3.Rion Riorrim
4.Ornament of Grace
5. Magnvs Princeps Leopardi
6. Pentagrammaton
8.The Essential Chaos
9.Ad Te Clamamvs Exsvles Morvua
10.Unconscious Minds

Type Of Sound: Black Metal

Ill Nino - Dead New World(2010)

1. God is For The Dead
2. The Art of War
3. Against The Wall
4. Mi Revolucion
5. Bleed Like You
6. Serve The Grave
7. If You Were Me
8. Ritual
9. Killing You, Killing Me
10. How Could I Believe
11. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
12. Scarred

Type Of Sound: Nu Metal,Alternative Metal

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