Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I don't have my Rapidshare account anymore!!I've been using a shared account with some friends(fake one).These faggots changed the password and did not give it to me.When i asked them they just say that they don't even know what is the password.FUCK THEM!!! I was an idiot to trust them.The account cost 1600rs and i've contributed about +or-550rs whereas others contributed less.Well this is just to say=DON'T TRUST FRIENDS...But this will not stop me from uploading.I'll try to upload albums everyday as from tomorrow.These days and this month also I was extremely bsuy.I got a new job,Christmas is approaching(next week),I was out for more than 3 days(end of year party)........Here are some albums I am going to upload here:Visceral Bleeding,Kyo,Placebo,Ill Nino,Naglfar,Fragile art and so on.....So i'll leave it here and thx for those who visit my page everyday..

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