Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hypernova- Fairy Tales Video

Hypernova is an Iranian indie-rock band based in Tehran. The band is made up of Raam, Kami, Kodi, and Jam. Raam is the vocalist and rhythm guitarist,Kodi is the lead guitarist , Kami is the drummer , and Jam plays bass.

Like many other Iranian rock bands, the group was formed in the wake of president Khatami's relaxed stance on cultural policies in Iran in the late 1990s and the early decade of the 21st century. Arguably, Hypernova is at the forefront of the Iranian "rock" movement, recently garnering the most attention and press coverage. This is not just due to the novelty of them being a rock band from Iran, but because they are being recognized as a solid rock band, with accomplished musicians, and well-written "real songs" (a term record-industry people like to use when they encounter a band that is actually exhibiting thoughtfulness, skill, and deliberation in their songwriting).

I have been looking for their upcoming album "Through The Chaos" but can't seem to find a real copy anywhere. If anybody finds it on a torrent or rapidshare, please hit me up in the shoutbox. Thank you,

The White Devil


menoknow said...

me no know where this abum be