Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Akeboshi- Akeboshi

  1. Wind
  2. Night and day
  3. Hey there
  4. No wish
  5. Akikaze no uta (秋風のうた Song of the Autumn Wind?)
  6. Haikyo no Sofa (廃墟のソファ Sofa in a Ruin?)
  7. A nine days' wonder
  8. White reply
  9. Faerie punks
  10. Morning high
  11. Tall boy
  12. The audience
  13. Kamisama no shitauchi (神様の舌打ち God Clicks His Tongue?)


Type Of Sound: Folk,Japanese
My Rating: 98%

You should download and listen to this album,this singer got an amazing voice!!!


pier said...

A truly heartfelt thank you for this post.
I love Akeboshi and this is an amazing album.